A few words about Malyaban…

Performed over 1000 solo performances, Malyaban Chatterjee is an extremely talented vocal musician who has created a huge impact in the world of Hindustani Classical Music. Malyaban started his initial training at the tender age of five under Sri Sunil Neogi, a foremost disciple of Pandit Narayan Rao Joshi. Later he had the priviledge of receiving extensive taleem for fifteen years from Pandit Manas Chakraborty.

Malyaban presents a vocal style with crystal-clear, precision-oriented tunefulness, an impressively graceful style, a disciplined, systematic and methodical raga development, an elegantly elaborate alap and skilful decoration of sargam and taans.

To put it in his own words:

I aim to retain the cultural heritage and knowledge of North Indian Classical Raga Music by being a top-class performer as Classical Music Vocalist and Trainer so that accurate knowledge of Raga music can be spread throughout the world.

Malyaban’s UK tour was from 2003 to 2017 (15 years).

This website endeavours to elaborate the works of this genius.

Overseas Concerts:
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  1. Nehru Centre, London
  2. London Harrow Art Centre
  3. Bengali Association, Midlands
  4. Ramkrihna Vivekanada Mission, UK
  5. Tooting Durga Puja, London
  6. Arya Sammaj, West Midlands
  7. Manasmitra, Leeds
  8. Bengali Association, Midlands
  9. East London Classical Concert
  10. Asian Arts Academy, Balaji Temple
Concerts in India:
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  1. Annual conference Of Uttarpara Sangeet Sanmelan
  2. Annual Conference of West Bengal State Music Academy
  3. Baba Allaudin Sangeet Samaraho
  4. Nikhil Banerjee Memorial Conference
  5. Salt Lake Music Festival
  6. Ramakrishna Math & Mission, Belur Math
  7. Ramakrishna Math (Lucknow)
  8. Udbodhan (Kolkata)
  9. Lucknow Ramakrishna Mission
  10. Vrindavan Ramakrishna Ashram
  11. All India Music Conference
  12. Bharatiya Sanskriti Parishad